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Relationship Therapy

Welcoming a baby into your lives is an incredible milestone, but it also brings along its own set of challenges, particularly in relationships.


Understanding the Challenges

The arrival of a baby brings major changes, impacting a couple's connection due to sleepless nights, role changes, and reduced personal time.

Our Approach

At Rooted Thistle Counselling, our therapists understand the complexities involved in this phase of life and provide a safe, non-judgmental space for open dialogue and healing.

Rebuilding Communication:

We teach effective communication for partners to express emotions and needs constructively, fostering trust and empathy.

Navigating New Roles & Addressing Emotional Resentment:

Rekindling Intimacy:

We help couples communicate effectively and redefine household roles and responsibilities for a balanced task distribution that meets both partners' needs, reducing strain and fostering mutual support.

We aid parents in rekindling intimacy by nurturing their romantic connection and deepening emotional bonds.

Areas We Can Support You

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Coping with Change

Our experienced therapists in relationship counselling assist by providing coping strategies, communication skills, and tools to navigate transitions and adapt to change.


Fertility Journey & Loss

Our expert therapists provide support, guidance, coping strategies, and emotional healing for couples navigating fertility challenges and experiencing loss in relationships.

relationship struggles

Conflict & Resentment

Our therapists aid by facilitating dialogue, teaching conflict resolution skills, and addressing underlying issues to alleviate resentment in relationship therapy.

financial strain

Managing the Household

Our therapists aid couples in household management by improving teamwork, communication, and dividing tasks for a balanced life at home.

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Communication & Boundary Setting

Our certified therapists assist by teaching effective communication skills, fostering understanding, and establishing healthy boundaries to enhance relationships in therapy sessions.

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Building Emotional Intimacy

Our therapists guide couples in fostering vulnerability, active listening, empathy, and understanding to cultivate emotional intimacy in relationship therapy.

Why Rooted Thistle Counselling?

Specialized Expertise

We understand the unique challenges of parenthood, offering tailored guidance based on extensive experience in this phase of life.

Personalized Solutions

Tailored therapy plans are crafted to fit your relationship's specific needs, ensuring strategies align with your dynamics and goals.

Holistic Approach

Our therapy covers communication, roles, intimacy, and emotional well-being, providing a comprehensive path to healing and reconnection.

Supportive Environment

We create a safe and supportive space for open dialogue, encouraging trust and enabling healing without judgment.

Effective Strategies

We focus on communication and reconnection techniques, preventing resentment and fostering understanding between partners.

Long-Term Commitment

Our goal is not just conflict resolution but equipping couples with skills for long-term relationship health beyond early parenthood.

Get in Touch

Rooted Thistle Counselling is your partner in navigating this transformative phase. Contact us to prioritize your relationship and prevent resentment from overshadowing the love you share with your partner.

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