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Women’s Mental Health

Find a safe space to explore yourself. Meet with a therapist to figure out your next steps and prioritize you.

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Your Experiences Are Unique

Research has shown that women in North America experience higher levels of distress and trauma than men do. Historically health care and research have focussed on men, leaving gaps in women's care. Here at Rooted Thistle Counselling we are passionate about supporting the mental health of women. You are unique and so are your needs.

Areas We Can Support You

Person who is stressed.

Depression & Anxiety

Many women experience symptoms of depression and anxiety. Learn ways to manage your symptoms.

Person working on self-esteem.

Self-Esteem & Self Worth

Women are often harshly judged in many different areas of their lives. We believe you are strong and resilient and will support you in seeing this too.

Two people communicating in a healthy way.

Communication & Setting Boundaries

Do you have a difficult time letting others know what your needs are, or standing up for yourself? We can help you learn to set boundaries and communicate effectively with others. 

Person looking in the mirror and reflecting on their identity.

Adjusting to Change & Establishing Goals

Our Women's Mental Health services assist in navigating transitions and setting goals to empower you as you navigate life.

Man and woman in a relationship.

Managing Relationships

Community is important. Learn strategies to strengthen your relationships and expand your support network.

Disordered eating.

Body Image & Disordered Eating

Women are judged by their appearance from a very young age. Diet culture is celebrated, leaving many of us feeling inadequate. Our therapists can support you in recognizing your inner beauty and deconstructing destructive narratives that have been holding you back.

Why Rooted Thistle Counselling?

Personalized Approach

We offer personalized care plans that are specific to your needs, ensuring that you receive the support that resonates with you.

Person- Centered Care

We believe you are a unique, multifaceted person and take the time to explore all aspects of your life with you. 

You Matter

We believe ALL women deserve care and support. We offer a space for you to focus on yourself and learn strategies to stay well. You matter and so does your mental health.

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