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Experienced Moms

The mental load of motherhood is heavy. Moms experience a lot of change as they navigate the different stages of family life. It is easy to put yourself on the backburner as you tend to the needs of those around you. At Rooted Thistle Counselling, we recognize the weight that moms carry and offer customized support with mom therapists who truly understand.

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Understanding the Mental Load of Motherhood

Moms carry an immense mental load—balancing schedules, managing the household, tending to the family's needs, and often juggling professional responsibilities. Many of these tasks are invisible labour that go unnoticed to everyone except you, the mom carrying it out. This load can take a toll on mental health, leaving moms feeling overwhelmed, stressed, and putting themselves last. At Rooted Thistle Counselling, we acknowledge the challenges you face. Our experienced mom therapists are here to provide a safe and understanding space for you to unpack the complexities of your role as a mother while prioritizing your mental health.

Your Well-being Matters:

Self-care is not a luxury—it is a necessity for all humans beings. Our tailored sessions aim to help you navigate the intricate balance of motherhood while focusing on your overall wellbeing.

Non-Judgemental Support:

Our therapists are parents themselves and are passionate about supporting moms as they navigate family life. We offer a safe environment for you to express your feelings and experiences without judgment.

Practical Strategies & Tools:

Your therapist can support you in developing coping strategies and practical tools to use in your everyday life to reduce stress and find balance. 

Areas We Can Support You

Person with brain fog

Managing the Mental Load

Our mom therapists can support you in uncovering your own mental load and making change to lighten the load.

Woman who is experiencing anger and rage

Mom Rage & Losing Patience

Anger comes up a lot in motherhood. Learn more about your underlying triggers, strategies to cope in the moment, and how to repair afterward. 

father holding his baby

Parenting Skills

Parenting is a tough job! Expand your skills by learning strategies to navigate challenging situations.

person who is stressed

Depression & Anxiety

Many moms experience mood and anxiety disorders. Our experienced therapists can help you manage symptoms and develop coping strategies. 

people communicating

Communication & Setting Boundaries

Learn how to communicate effectively, set boundaries, and strengthen relationships.  

people communicating

Relationships & Breaking Cycles

Do you want to do things differently than your parents did? Has your relationship with your partner changed? We can help you identify patterns you want to break and what is important to you as a parent.

Why Rooted Thistle Counselling?

Personalized Approach

We offer personalized care plans that are specific to your needs, ensuring that you receive the support that resonates with you.

Person- Centered Care

We believe you are a unique, multifaceted person and take the time to explore all aspects of your life with you. 

You Matter

We believe ALL moms deserve care and support. We offer a space for you to focus on yourself and learn strategies to stay well. You matter and so does your mental health.

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