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Waterside Women

Women's Mental Health

Navigating the world as a woman has its challenges. Research has shown that women in North America experience higher levels of distress and trauma than men do. Historically health care and research have focussed on men, leaving gaps in women's care. If you are a woman looking for focussed mental health care you have come to the right place!

Your Mental Health Matters

If you are feeling stuck in a cycle of guilt, negativity, sadness, and worry know there is another way. It is possible for you to feel joy in your life and face challenges with confidence. Whether you are a young woman looking for support in figuring out the next steps, or a woman in her golden years there is a safe space for you here.  

Common Benefits of Counselling:

  • Increase confidence and self-awareness 

  • Develop coping strategies for stress, anxiety, depression, burnout & more

  • Learn how to manage conflict and set healthy boundaries in your relationships

  • Regulate your emotions

  • Lower your feelings of isolation and find ways to connect with support in your community


Common Areas of Focus:


Adjusting to change & life transitions

Gender-based discrimination

Depression, anxiety & other mental health concerns

Relationship issues

Processing family of origin experiences

Exploring identity

Body image & self-esteem

Reach Out Today

Have your questions answered in a free consultation with one of our experienced therapists. 


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