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Golden Moms

You did it! Your children have left the nest and may even have families of their own now. You raised them just as you were supposed to do, so why do you feel so empty? As it turns out, becoming an empty nester is a huge life transition. Many women see motherhood as a major part of their identity. After years of child-rearing come to an end, it may leave you feeling lost and unsure of what to do next.

You Matter

Change can be difficult to navigate. The later stages of motherhood are full of transitions that many may need support in navigating. Rooted Thistle Counselling supports golden moms like you who may be struggling to cope with the physical, emotional, relational, and psychological changes that occur later in life.

Common Benefits of Counselling:

  • Increase confidence and self-awareness 

  • Develop coping strategies for stress, anxiety, depression, burnout & more

  • Learn how to manage conflict and set healthy boundaries in your relationships

  • Regulate your emotions

  • Lower your feelings of isolation and find ways to connect with supports in your community

Areas of Focus:


Loss of identity

Adjusting to change

Setting boundaries with adult children




Life transitions (ex. Retirement, moving, aging, menopause…)

Grief and loss

Substance use

+ More!


Have your questions answered in a free consultation with one of our experienced therapists.


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