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Mother and Son

Experienced Moms

You have been doing this mom thing for a while now, so why do things still feel so hard? Experienced moms often find themselves feeling bogged down as they navigate the ups and downs of motherhood. You may be having difficulty sleeping, are isolating yourself from others, are short-fused with your partner and kids, never find time for yourself, and are constantly tired as you attempt to juggle a million things at the same time.

Your Mental Health Matters

If this sounds familiar, you may be experiencing symptoms of mommy burnout, also known as depleted mother syndrome. When things are out of balance and more is demanded of you than your resources will fill, your mental health can be greatly impacted. Rooted Thistle Counselling supports experienced moms like you in finding balance and achieving overall wellness so that you can navigate the challenges of motherhood with confidence and resiliency.  

Common Benefits of Counselling:

  • Increase confidence and self-awareness 

  • Develop coping strategies for stress, anxiety, depression, burnout & more

  • Learn how to manage conflict and set healthy boundaries in your relationships

  • Regulate your emotions

  • Lower your feelings of isolation and find ways to connect with support in your community


Rooted Thistle Counselling offers counselling services to experienced moms in a variety of formats:


  • Video Session

  • Phone Session

  • In-Office Session *Kitchener, ON


Common Concerns of Experienced Moms:



Stress management

Loss of identity

Adjusting to change

Setting boundaries



Substance use

Relationship issues

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